Yamaha Products


Yamaha Motor Australia was founded on June 1983 which resulted to be one of the large-scale worldwide companies with auxiliaries everywhere throughout the world.

Yamaha has proceeded throughout the years to effectively bring new items into the commercial center. It has dependably taken care of  the industry demand by offering better quality, higher proficiency items that completely use Yamaha's propelled innovation. These items have turned out to be a piece of a great variety of recreational things and mechanical items such as: bikes, bikes, four-wheelers, snowmobiles, outboards, water vehicles, vessels, golf autos, go kart motors, power generators, water and slime pumps, modern motors and embellishments.

EF1000IS  Silent Inverter

EF1000IS Silent Inverter

Part No: EF1000IS

17% OFF RRP $1,479.00
EF2000IS  Silent Inverter

EF2000IS Silent Inverter

Part No: EF2000IS

16% OFF RRP $2,149.00
EF2000ISC  (camouflage look) Silent Inverter

EF2000ISC (camouflage look) Silent Inverter

Part No: EF2000ISC

16% OFF RRP $2,269.00
EF2400IS Silent Inverter YAMAHA

EF2400IS Silent Inverter YAMAHA

Part No: EF2400IS

18% OFF RRP $2,489.00
EF2800I  Inverter

EF2800I Inverter

Part No: EF2800i

14% OFF RRP $2,259.00
EF3000ISE  Silent Inverter

EF3000ISE Silent Inverter

Part No: EF3000ISE

19% OFF RRP $4,699.00


Part No: EF5500FW

14% OFF RRP $1,949.00
EF6300ISE  Silent Inverter

EF6300ISE Silent Inverter

Part No: EF6300ISE

19% OFF RRP $7,069.00
EF7200E Portable Generator

EF7200E Portable Generator

Part No: EF7200E

15% OFF RRP $2,299.00