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The Trusted Suppliers of Acetylene Gas Cylinders.

NEVER pay Rent again!
At SpeedGas we sell Acetylene cylinders and gas for all industrial applications.

Acetylene is a flammable, colourless gas with a distinct odour. The hottest and most efficient of all fuel gases, acetylene is also the most versatile and provides high levels of productivity thanks to good localised heating with a minimum of thermal waste. It is safe to use underground, because it is lighter than air, has a low ignition energy and low moisture in the flame.

A low flame moisture content makes this fuel gas a good choice for many critical heating processes. Typical applications include welding, Oxy-acetylene cutting, flame heating, flame gouging, flame hardening, flame cleaning, flame straightening, thermal spraying, spot-heating, brazing, texturing, profile-cutting, branding wooden pallets, wood-ageing and carbon coating.

A convenient and affordable supplier of Acetylene gas

We give customers the option to buy Acetylene gas cylinders outright as it makes sense for most clients to own their cylinder, rather than paying rent!

Rent quickly adds up, meaning that owning your cylinders will save you money. No need for deposits and ongoing rental.

Re-fills are done with a simple swap. We take your empty cylinder and give you a full one in return. “SpeedSWAP” ensures your cylinder is always in date.

The benefits of keeping Acetylene on hand

Owning makes sense, from infrequent users all the way to large commercial clients. If you want acetylene at the ready and plan to use your welder or cutter longer than a year, you should come out ahead and save ongoing costs! Make the smart buy and have the tools at the ready.