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Pipe seam welder

Pipe seam welder

Part No: EbPipeseamwelder

Seam welder

Seam welder

Part No: EBseamwelder

Seam Welders Description

Features of the Machine
1、Manufactured in accordance with international ISO Standards.

2、European CE Certified.

3、European Type Microprocessor Welding Control has a transparent safety cover to protect a keypad and has a lock to allow only authorized personnel to access the program.

4、Welding Control maintains main parameters such as welding current; weld time, off time, etc. with digital accuracy.
5、Any of the weld schedules can be easily selected for execution.

6、Rigid Frame of the Machine allows the use as a Projection or Spot welder.

7、Improved water-cooling system guarantees flawless performance in heavy-duty applications.

8、Machine is painted with Lead-Free paint.

9、All materials used in the design are environmentally friendly.