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Stainless Steel Mig Gas Description

Specification E Size G Size
Cylinder Pressure  18,000kPa/180bar 18,000kPa/180bar
Cylinder Volume 4.5m3 9.5m3 
Outlet Connection Valve Type AS2473 Type 10 AS2473 Type 10
Cylinder Colour Peacock Blue with Black shoulder Peacock Blue with Black shoulder

SpeedSTAIN 2 is a premium Argon/Oxygen mixture from Speed Gas which has
been developed for use with the MIG Welding process of Stainless Steel. The
Oxygen enhances arc stability and reduces the surface tension of the molten
metal, increasing wetting of the solid metal.
SpeedSTAIN 2 gas produces a cleaner weld appearance, minimal spatter,
lower distortion and has excellent operator appeal.
SpeedSTAIN 2 is suitable for the MIG process in both Dip and Spray Transfer
in both manual and automatic applications.