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Gouging Torch K3 & K4

Gouging Torch K3 & K4

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Gouging / Gouging Torches Description

We are a leading supplier of gouging rods and gouging torches products that are generally being used for gouging, weld seam preparation, joint preparation, removal of pores and cracks, cutting and hole piercing, chamfering, surface improvement and other welding related applications. National Welding Supplies offers gouging torches and products that are safe, user-friendly, reliable, and durable. You can use these gouging products anywhere you want to gouge, groove, sever or bevel most metal surfaces.

Products include:

  • Gouging Torch K4 - 1000Amps
  • Powercraft K4 Gouging Torch - 1000Amps
  • Powercraft K3 Gouging Torch - 600Amps
  • Lincoln DC Gouging Carbons