20 Series Torch Bodies

20 Series Torch Bodies Products

20 Series Torch Bodies Description

TIG torches and parts are easy to use and have the ability to give you the power of maximum versatility and maneuverability. These torches have a molded handle that gives you a fast grip so you can focus on the weld. The model “F” torches feature a flexible head that increase your comfort and fit into tighter spaces. “V” model torches provide air-cooled heat regulation. Model “V” torches also offer a convenient gas control valve to change shielding gas settings on the torch-handle. It is available with several amperage ratings in both air-cooled and water-cooled versions. A 17 style TIG torch is suitable for use with 1.0mm to 2.4mm tungsten electrodes. Grip hardware TIG torches are drop forged and have heat-treated professional quality implemented mounting pins. TIG torches and parts are designed for the professional welder and provide the highest standards of reliability and performance in the industry. 

Different Set of TIG Torches and Parts:

·        17 Series TIG Torch Bodies

·        17 Series/18 Series Collet Bodies

·        17 Series/18 Series Gas Nozzles

·        17/18/26 Series Back Caps

·        18 Series TIG Torches

·        18 Series TIG Torch Bodies

·        20 Series Torch Bodies

·        26 Series TIG Torches

·        26 Series Gas Lens Collet Bodies

·        9/17/18/20/24/26 Series Gas Nozzles

·        9/17/18/20/24/26 Series Parts