After being established in 1969 as an air compressor manufacturer, Puma Industrial Co. Ltd rapidly expanded to become a major player in the compressed air industry. Puma devised the unique “Air Center” concept in 1980 by merging its air compressors’ power source with its air tools’ application ability to create a single flawless air system.

Nowadays with factories on four continents supplying to more than 132 countries, Puma’s Air Center includes piston, screw and scroll-type compressors as well as air tools, pressure vessels and related accessories.Glenco is proud to be reunited with Puma in the Australian market and is excited to be introducing a new range of exclusive Puma Air Center products.

Air Compressor 415V Silent Puma PU 40S 415V

Air Compressor 415V Silent Puma PU 40S 415V

Part No: PUP40S415V