Kärcher Advanced Products

Alfred Kärcher was one of the innovators and business people who contributed extraordinarily to the advancement of Württemberg since the start of industrialisation, alongside different figures.

In 1935 the specialist establishes his own particular organization in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt with a specific end goal to add to his own item thoughts in the field of warming innovation and to put up them for sale to the public. 

Advancement keeps on being the most imperative development element for Kärcher. Since 2008 Kärcher has put up three overall advancements for sale to the public in the field of weight washers for end buyers alone: the K HC 10 with half breed innovation, the K 2.20 with the 4-wheel idea and the world's excellent models K 3.00 and K 4.00. The overall pioneer in cleaning innovation will keep on separating itself in future with its creative soul, top-class execution and imaginative solutions.