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For over 70 years Elga has been assembling welding consumables. Today Elga is one of the bigĀ­gest players in the European welding consumables business. 

The business is a specific supplier of welding consumables and work is centered around requesting client fragments and their essential requirements for covered electrodes and cored wires. These core items are supplemented by a scope of precisely chosen consumables for TIG, MIG/MAG and SAW. What's more, inside and out information and quality are critical parts of the aggregate bundle offered to the business sector. 

Elga was established in Gothenburg, Sweden 1938 as a family organization. The organization has throughout the years become globally and their items are sold worldwide through a system of universal merchants. Since February 2000 Elga is a piece of the worldwide gathering ITW (Illinois Tools Works Inc)


Stainless Steel Electrode 308

Stainless Steel Electrode 308

Part No: E308

From $30.18
E308L40S-Elga Cromarod Stainless steel Electrodes.Cromarod 308L-4.00mm,3 kg per packet.AWS A5.4-92 E308L-17
37% OFF RRP $150.00
E309L25S | SS309 2.5mm 2.5KG Elga Cromarod Stainless Steel Electrodes. Cromarod 309L AWS A5.4-92 E309L-17.
26% OFF RRP $134.00
E309L32S | E309L 3.2mm 3KG Elga Cromarod Stainless Steel Electrodes. AWS A5.4-92 E309L-17.
23% OFF RRP $150.00