In the 1920's, J. B. Arnold and EMF Electric started Australian operations as makers of gas and bend welding equipment. They became famous in making answers for the close-by welder. In the 1930's they where secured by ""CIG"" and continued chopping their future down the same way. 

CIGWELD was set up as CIG's apparatus division with a staggering fame on welding equipment and filler metals in 1985. BOC decided to focus on gas, and proceeded to strip CIGWELD to a consortium of senior managers and 2 hypothesis associations. The mid 90's had Thermadyne enter the story, one of the world's greatest suppliers of welding and cutting things. 

CIGWELD is a person from Australian and International Standards sheets of trustees. It offers consistence to specific measures, and ISO:9001/9002 Quality Systems Accreditation ensures that it stays at the cutting edge of each and every new progression.