As an Australian based company based in northern NSW, Ampfibian Pty Ltd focuses on both safety and ease of use. They design and manufacture specialised power adaptors and are devoted to improving safety for both individuals and businesses alike.

Ampfibian have been instrumental in increasing the accessibility of products with 15A plugs by lobbying the Australian and New Zealand governments to change their electrical standards and allowing certain 15A devices connect to 10A outlets. In 2005 both governments passed these standards and Ampfibian released the first legal 15A to 10A adapter (RV-02, for use with RV’s.) Now their products have expanded to include industrial, trade and domestic adapters.

Some Ampfibian products can even be used for welders and grinders. Instead of risking electrical damage to your product and voiding the warranty, these adapters allow you to legally and safely convert a 15A to 10A.