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TIG Torch Parts

Collection Of Tig Torches With Feature Flexible Heads To Increase Comfort And Get Into Tighter Spaces.

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Wire Feeders for Mig Welders

Wire feeders are used to extend the length of a MIG gun, often used in field operations and hard to reach jobs.

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Electrodes (Welding Rods) ARC / MMA / Stick

Electrodes are also known as arc welding rods. The electrode category always includes the grade for easy selection.

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MIG Wires

We stock a wide range of MIG wire from aluminium, gasless to stainless steel.

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Filler Rods TIG & Gas

TIG rods and gas rods are also known as electrode or sometimes TIG wire. They are used as a consumable in TIG welding.

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TIG/ARC Welders

Arc/Stick/MMA welding is often the beginner’s choice along with 6013 general electrodes since they are easy to use learn with. Most TIG machines come with an Arc function also.

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MIG Welders

National Welding Supplies can help you find MIG welder and also the best MIG welders depending on what’s needed for your budget or job specifications.

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Welding Trolley Description

Machinery can be heavy and cumbersome to move. By using a welding trolley you can save time and increase productivity especially in an environment where a machine consistently needs to be moved. We stock both TIG and MIG welding trolleys and can anything suited for you needs even if the machine is obsolete.